Kansas City’s Best Residential and Commercial Retaining Walls

Many homes and businesses are built on land that is less than ideal, with steep hills and slopes that limit usage. If your home or business is built on a property with sloping issues, the Kansas City retaining wall experts at Next Level Lawn and Landscape can assist. We can design a retaining wall to expand the usability of your property while adding aesthetic value. Next Level Lawn and Landscape will tackle retaining wall projects of all scopes and sizes.

A retaining wall is a carefully constructed system designed to work against gravity to stabilize slopes and to prevent soil or gravel from sliding downward into other areas. A well-designed retaining wall can convert an otherwise unusable area into a very useful space. Proper planning and design of a retaining wall are necessary components.

Retaining Wall Factors to Consider

retaining wall can dramatically change the look of your property. Contact Kansas City’s top retaining wall professionals at (816) 447-0229 to find out how Next Level Lawn and Landscape can transform your property today!