What is the Difference Between Softscaping & Hardscaping?

If you have ever talked to a professional lawn and landscape company, you have most likely  heard the terms “hardscaping” and “softscaping.” They are two types of landscaping, and many landscape design companies like Next Level Lawn and Landscape, offer both services.

Softscaping & Hardscaping: The Basics

Hardscaping and softscaping should create a balance and complement each other. Hardscape designs make up the core of your landscaping, but remember, no landscape design is complete without the plants and flowers (softscaping)!

Examples of hardscape designs are:

Examples of softscaping includes:

Softscaping changes frequently and you will probably find yourself updating it annually. But, once you install a new patio, you will keep it for years. To install your next hardscaping project, call Next Level Lawn Care at (816) 447-0229 or click here to learn more about our hardscape service