Why Commercial Snow Removal Services are Worth It

Commercial Snow Removal Services If you own a business in the Independence, MO or greater Kansas City metro area, you understand how imperative it is to keep your customers safe. This is especially true when your customers have to journey from the parking lot to get to your business entrance through the harsh winter snow … Continued

The Best Retaining Wall Installers – Next Level Lawn & Landscape

The Best Retaining Walls by Next Level Lawn & Landscape If you are looking for the best retaining wall installers – Next Level Lawn and Landscape is here for you! First and foremost, a retaining wall is a protective structure which holds back soil. We can build a beautiful retaining wall that is firm, solid … Continued

Maintaining Good Landscaping in Kansas City

Maintaining Good Landscaping in Kansas City If you have ever flipped through a copy of Better Homes & Gardens, then you have most likely noticed that every pictured home has something in common – a ridiculously stunning backyard. You know the ones we mean, unbelievably lush lawns, bright patios and gorgeous flower beds that look like … Continued

Hiring Landscaping Services in Kansas City

H iring Landscaping Services in Kansas City Are you looking for top-notch landscaping services in Kansas City? Let the landscaping professionals help you narrow down a landscaping design plan for your next project. Whether you want a new retaining wall, fire fit, hardscape, or patio – the landscaping possibilities in Kansas City are endless! Top … Continued

Landscape Design Ideas for Your Yard

Landscape Design Ideas for Your Yard Entertaining your friends and family is something you look forward to as a homeowner. In the warm spring and summer months, there is no better place to be than in your backyard. Whether you plan a family cookout or just want to lay back and relax in your favorite … Continued

Enhance Your Yard with Retaining Walls

Next Level Lawn and Landscape knows retaining walls can be a big investment of time and money. They were first used as a way of holding back soil and to help with structure. Not any more, times have changed! By using retaining walls, we wan create beautiful outdoor living spaces, provide extra seating for entertaining, … Continued

Let Next Level Lawn and Landscape Fix Your Hardscape

Let Next Level Lawn & Landscape Fix Your Hardscape There is nothing like a brand new hardscape. Beautiful pavers arranged flawlessly, smooth concrete walkways, and a sturdy structure. Then, something happens. Cracks appear. Pavers start to sink. Stains set in. Suddenly, somebody trips. The breathtaking hardscape you once had now needs some repair. Do not … Continued

Welcome To Next Level Lawn and Landscape

Are you looking to take your lawn or patio to the next level? How about your curb appeal or sprinkler system? Next Level Lawn and Landscape is here to help! Serving the greater Kansas City Metro Area since 2012, we have grown into having an indoor and outdoor facility, conveniently located off 24 Highway and … Continued